Visiting PhD Student – Tora Finderup Nielsen

Faye Moyes
Monday 13 February 2017

Tora is a PhD student from Copenhagen University visiting for two months (February – March 2017) to work on data-analyses with Maria.

The main focus of her research is to uncover systematic alterations in Danish plant communities over the last centuries as well as identifying the causes behind these changes.

Historical ecology has many challenges including low data-quality, unknown assumption and uncertainty in methodology, but often these data constitute the only means for identifying the slow changes in biodiversity occurring on a century scale.

During her time in St. Andrews she hopes to get a better understanding of the advantages and drawbacks of her data and getting closer to a sound analyses of the changes in plant communities. Getting the analyses right is a first step to utilize this data as a baseline for current nature quality assessments to be compared to and for future objectives to be based on.

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