The geography of biodiversity change

Faye Moyes
Friday 18 October 2019

The geography of biodiversity change in marine and terrestrial assemblages

Maria was senior author of an exciting new paper published today in Science with an accompanying
perspective. The paper was led by Shane Blowes from the German Centre for Integrative Biodiversity Research (iDiv) and featured authors from around the globe, including a number of others from iDiv, some from the USA and Canada, Laura who is based now in Helsinki and Anne and Faye from the group here in St Andrews.

The group analysed BioTIME data and mapped the biodiversity change found across the globe. They found that although species turnover was taking place across most systems, it was occurring more rapidly in marine realms.

The paper was also discussed in the Washington Post for which both Maria and Sarah Supp (joint lead author) were interviewed.

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