Global change in the functional diversity of marine fisheries

Faye Moyes
Thursday 27 August 2020

Isaac is pleased to share with you the first scientific article related with his PhD research held here at the Centre for Biological Diversity, University of St Andrews – Scotland.

“Global change in the functional diversity of marine fisheries exploitation over the past 65 years”(Isaac Trindade-Santos, Faye Moyes and Anne E. Magurran)

A quick summary of our work: “Functional diversity is a key facet of biodiversity. Better understanding of the link between biodiversity, ecosystem services and resilience is the sine qua non for conservation and natural resource management. There have been substantial shifts in the functional diversity of exploited marine fish over the last 65 years. These trends show that global fisheries are increasingly targeting species that play diverse roles within the marine ecosystem and underline the importance of incorporating functional diversity in ecosystem management. Functional diversity have an important role to play in informing fisheries policy and protecting the resilience of systems in the years to come.”

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