FSBI – Annual Symposium 2021

Faye Moyes
Thursday 18 November 2021

Isaac, Faye and Ada presented some of their most recent work at the 2021 Annual Symposium of the Fisheries Society of the British Isles: Fish, Fisheries and Ecosystems in the Anthropocene.

Isaac’s talk had the title: Global rarity of bony and cartilaginous marine fishes, and focused on explaining how accounting for the functional facet of marine fish diversity is important in unravelling global hotspots for rarity.

Faye’s talk was titled: Spatio-temporal trends in rarity in Scottish marine systems. She asked how rarity in fish communities is varying over space and time in Scottish waters and showed that patterns “depend not just on who you are, but also who your neighbours are at a given time”.

Finally, Ada presented a talk with the title: Numerical abundance and biomass reveal different temporal trends of functional diversity change in tropical freshwater fish assemblages. This talk centered around some of her masters work.

The three of them had a great time at the conference and enjoyed the excellent presentations by all other attendees! They are looking forward to the next FSBI symposium!!!

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