Research Themes

Temporal and spatial change in biodiversity
We study biodiversity to quantify and identify drivers of global change. We undertake studies at local and global scales, and focus on long term trends as well as short-term fluctuations. Our study systems range from fish in Trinidad to farms in Fife. We are interested in the following topics:

  • agroecology
  • biodiversity measurement
  • diversity scaling
  • drivers of biodiversity change in the Anthropocene
  • evolution of behaviour
  • functional diversity
  • invasive species
  • life histories
  • niche construction
  • macroecology
  • spatial and temporal ecology
  • succession
farms in fife
forestry in the UK
coral reefs
forests in trinidad
fish and invertebrates birds on Fair Isle
tundra vegetation plants in Brazil
frogs in Brazil
fish in Scotland
guppies in St Andrews! reef fish
everything, everywhere! (BioTIME)
Our research informs conservation policy at national and international scales.