PLASTIC: Unwrapped

Faye Moyes
Thursday 10 October 2019

PLASTIC: Unwrapped

Anne’s undergraduate student Milly and her friend Sophie Dorothe were recently successful in being awarded the R&A scholarship for their project outlined below –

A Partnership Seeking Solutions to Plastic Pollution

PLASTIC: Unwrapped is a global plastic mission that aims to piece problems and solutions together. The idea is to visit different countries, learn about how plastic is being used a resource, understand the contextual limitations faced in different places, and then piece all of this together. We will be creating short, documentary-style videos during our travel, and plan to set up a website in the long term that showcases all of the different initiatives and more. After months of planning our project is finally taking shape, having just yesterday been offered the R&A International Scholarship for 2019. We leave in September and are in the process of creating our social media pages where you can stay updated on our progress.

Milly and Sophie Dorothe

Promotional video

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