Masters and Honours Students

Masters Students

Chloe Stanley (she/her)

I am currently a student of the MSc Marine Ecosystem Management carrying out my dissertation project. I will be using the BioTIME data to analyze biodiversity trends across marine protected areas (MPAs) over time. This will be achieved by evaluating species turnover and functional traits to assess the before- and after- effects of introducing an MPA to the area. I am currently exploring the spatial scale over which the analysis will take place, but it is likely that I will focus on temperate marine ecosystems due to data availability.

Honours Students


Sophie Berlouis

Sophie is a Seychellois fourth year undergraduate student studying Marine Biology. She would like to help increase public appreciation of marine wildlife in her country and has a love for sharks and rays, in particular. She has helped manage a coral restoration program, which included transplanting nursery-reared corals to degraded reefs around the main island of Seychelles. She hopes to have an even greater influence on coral reef conservation after her studies.


Amelia Errington

I am a fourth year Biology student with an interest in conserving biodiversity in marine and terrestrial habitats around the world. I am looking forward to studying coral growth as part of my dissertation and seeing how 3D modelling of coral reefs can give us a better understanding of their complexity. This will allow us to better answer ecological questions and may improve management strategies in reef ecosystems.